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The Good Stuff


Connect with a new, young, global audience

We understand that finding new donors is hard, and more expensive than ever. We also know that retaining the ones you have is a universal struggle – up to 60% of new donors never give again.

Unlike traditional fundraising, podcasts aren’t limited by time, staff or resources


Reach a passionate, hyper-engaged audience for far less than a traditional direct mail pack.


Add colour, warmth and realism in a way the written word cannot. When you listen, you’re engaged on a whole new level. No distractions, just a pure connection between your cause and your donors.


Use podcasts as an extension of your existing fundraising and marketing strategies, and see how easily they slot into your retention plans.


Podcasts are not a one-hit-wonder. Once an episode has been uploaded, it will stay there forever.

The power of podcasts

Podcast awareness is high

of Australians aged 18-75 are aware of podcasts.

Listeners are tuning in frequently

have listened in the last 24 hours.

Listening to more

have listened to more podcasts this year compared to last year.

Listeners are engaged

of podcasts are listened to from start to finish. On average people are listening to 6 episodes a week.
Source: ABC Corporate Tracking Study 2018

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