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Who we are


As a kid, Anthea wanted to be a forensic detective. Then a psychologist. Then a private investigator. It was this fascination for human behaviour that led her to travel extensively to some of the world’s most untouched places, and very nearly saw her living in Cusco, Peru.

While on her adventures, Anthea spoke with widows begging near the river Ganges, a Syrian girl who needed a male’s permission to leave the house, a 14-year-old Ethiopian girl whose family forced her into prostitution, and children in the mountains of Nepal who were beyond happy to have a bike rim to spin down hills and play with.

Anthea left her corporate marketing career behind, to apply her skills, knowledge and passion to causes that really could change the world. After six years as Direct Marketing Manager for Save the Children Australia, Anthea founded Redstone Marketing & Design in 2008, an agency dedicated to helping non-profits succeed. She brings nearly two decades of experience in this industry to The Good Space.


The daughter of Vietnamese refugees, Jodie grew up in one of Sydney’s most multi-cultural, low socio-economic neighbourhoods where the people were resourceful and the food was delicious.

This upbringing influenced her interest in creating positive social change. So much so, that she thought about being an inventor to satisfy her endless curiosity about why things work and how to make them better. Thankfully, she decided upon design for its unique mix of creativity and problem solving.

Since then, Jodie has designed spaces for increased accessibility, spaces to address anti-social behaviour in urban areas, and a transition centre for foster kids coming out of care. It was a natural progression to work with non-profits and to use her skills not only as a tool to engage audiences with causes, but to make a lasting impact.

For the past eight years Jodie has helped countless charities deliver successful campaigns as Senior Designer at Redstone Marketing.


When Justine was eight, she attempted her first novel. It was about a girl who ran away from home and hitched a ride down the Amazon on the back of a crocodile. Since then, she hasn’t stopped writing, daydreaming and telling stories.

As a former journalist, Justine has had tea with gang members, gotten attacked by dogs, handled guns and spoken with everyone from prostitutes to pastors.

She spent time as Communications Manager for Cancer Council Victoria before starting her own business, Inkpot Copy. For four years she worked with non-profits big and small to find the right words for their causes, from saving rainforests to building wells, curing disease to ending homelessness.

Justine stopped to create a tiny human. Now she’s back doing what she loves – writing cool stuff and telling stories, and bringing her Kiwi accent to podcasts.